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5 steps straight hair roll

5 steps straight hair roll

Every day, the hairstyle of the clear soup noodles is displayed, and there is no freshness. Take a little thought, straighten your hair straight, and then gently bunch it up, you can easily transform into another refreshing image, giving off a fresh atmosphere.

1 Use a comb to divide the forehead hair into a good line.

2 Use a thermal hair curler to clip the hair under the ear into a slightly curved shape.

3 Then use the comb to loosen the hair on the top of the head to create a full-bodied effect.

4 Twist the hair on both sides of the back of the brain and place it in the center.

5 Finally, the hair extensions that has been tightened is clipped and finished.


1. If you want to increase the hair style, you can apply a little mud to the finger joints, and then slightly loosen the hair.

2. It is not advisable to clip the hair too curly, making the hair look less natural.

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