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Fashion wigs make perfect shape

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Fashion wigs make perfect shape

The signs of spring start from the new streets and lanes, and they should also change their image. Go straighten the hot roll, and worry about dissatisfaction, it is better to try a stylish modern wig shape! Let the wigs that change freely, satisfy the self-improvement of self-improvement, do not move the scissors, and the beauty is still 100 points.

Small face is best for short hair

Fashion bangs wigs make perfect shape

Short hair was popular in 2007. From the screen to the event show, the female celebrities were able to find out in a short time. The original gentle and quiet moment turned into a handsome, and mixed with a little naughty and play, quite another. taste. However, it is too distressing to cut off the remaining blue silk heart. Besides, ordinary people like me, want to be as bright as a star every day, and then rush to take care

of it before going to work, or wear a pair. The wig is so beautiful.

Women with slap-faced faces are very suitable for short-haired hair styles. For women with thicker faces and wider heads, it is best to avoid them. Otherwise, the shortcomings of the face will be exposed.
Fashion wigs make perfect shape

Step 1. First braid your hair into a braid. If the hair is too long, you can make two or more bundles.
Fashion wigs make perfect shape

Step 2. Fix the tweezers with a plurality of clips behind the brain, taking care not to put the braided tweezers on top of the head.

Step 3. Wear the hair extensions wig directly. If the hair is too loose, you can wear the hair net on the top of the head and then put on the wig.
Fashion wigs make perfect shape

Step 4: Apply a proper amount of matte wax to the wig, and then use your fingers to squeeze it gently, which can create a visual effect that is either chaotic or cool. The whole hairstyle is fluffy and "cluttered" and rich in layers.

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