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Fresh female growing straight hair

· Straight hair

Fresh female growing straight hair

Straight hair has always been a hairstyle with a youthful temperament. The fresh and natural atmosphere is also very popular. Not only do girls like to keep long straight hair, but also boys who like this hairstyle. Today, I recommend a few long straight hairs for you, so that you are a little fairy every day, and the youthful atmosphere will never stop.

Through your black hair extensions, my hand, a supple mid-length hair falls freely on the shoulders, without the occlusion of the bangs, the white face is all exposed, the floral sling reveals the nice clavicle and slender neck, goddess The temperament is full.

The simple middle-length long hair side slides off the cheeks casually. It is both slim and slim. The black baseball cap is worn on the head, the youthfulness is more obvious, and the big eyes are more charming.

The girls in the sailor suits have natural long straight hair, and the slightly separated bangs are also very cute and playful. The long hair is soft and draped over the shoulders, and the fresh and natural atmosphere is permeated.

The black mid-length hair is also very temperament, the black clip hair color is slightly whiter, and the delicate side face is also very charming, like a white flower on the cloud.

The playful girl can always get more people's favorite, the neat bangs cover on the forehead, it looks very cute and thick, long straight hair is casually draped over the shoulder, if you want more playful one can be edited two A small squat on both sides, this will be more youthful!

Angelababy's black long straight can be said to be very pure, not like a child's mother, but more like an 18-year-old girl, full of youthful atmosphere.

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