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Hair style changes every day

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Hair style changes every day, teach you seven simple and simple hair styles

In the matter of beauty, most of the sister paper is never too troublesome. The same piece of clothing is never worn for two days, and the hairstyle can of course not be re-sampled every day.

I want to make my hairstyle change fresh every day. How about a haircut? Learn simple and versatile hairstyles today.

Hair style

first set:

Elegant mid-high ponytail, the best choice when going to work

STEP1: The forehead's hair is divided into two boundaries, and the hair extensions uk is sprayed on the hair to make the hair more smooth and easy to care.

STEP2: Grab all the hair with your fingers.

STEP3: A ponytail is placed at a medium height behind the brain. A bundle of hair is pulled from the pony tail and wrapped around the hair root to cover the rubber band. Wrap it to the end and fix it with a hairpin.

Second paragraph:

The simple ponytail has a stylish twist on the forehead, and the shape is upgraded immediately, no longer monotonous!

STEP1: Leave a piece of forehead hair to weave the hair strands, and the rest of the clip in hair extensions is tied into a horsetail.

STEP2: First ponytail, tied slightly higher than the horizontal direction of the ear.

STEP3: Start the weaving of the front of the bangs, a simple three-piece scorpion.

STEP4: Adjust the looseness of the hairpin and stalk the tail end of the scorpion on the pony tail.

STEP5: Finally fixed with hair clips, the shape is complete!

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