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Hot dyeing hair care 10 big mistakes

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Hot dyeing hair care 10 big mistakes

1, dandruff is covered, so desperately anti-dandruff, remove grease.
The hair stylist commented: first understand the scalp properties, choose a special hairdressing products.
When sebum secretion is too strong, Bacillus sphaeroides does affect the massive death of skin keratinocytes, which produces dandruff. But because of the season

Dry skin, or contact with hair dyes that cause inflammation and allergies, can also cause scalp keratin metabolism too fast. When many people encounter snow fluttering, they are eager to buy strong shampoos, or add medicinal properties and inhibit the spore-cutting products of spores. Instead, the dry scalp is over-hydrated.

It is abnormal oil, it is recommended to understand the scalp properties before the symptomatic conditioning.
The person with real scalp oil does not wash his hair one day, and the naked eye can see the oil at the roots, especially in the summer, it is best to add a washable cover in the middle of the helmet to keep it clean, otherwise it will be suffocating. Even if it is only a little, the scalp part is easy to breed bacteria.

2, squatting with steam care, thinking that the hotter the more effective.
The hair stylist commented: moderate temperature can avoid eating the hair follicles too nutritious and prevent inflammation.
To the salon to do hair care, usually with steam, so that nourishing hair care substances can play a deep role. Some consumers also learn to buy steam caps at home.

Hair care, the temperature may be too high, or used for too long, or the nourishing dry hair products are also rubbed on the scalp and steamed together. As a result, the heat causes the scalp pores to open too much, and eats excessive and excessive nutrients, causing inflammation of the scalp. .

The more oily the scalp, the flushing temperature or the steam temperature should not be too hot, so as to prevent the sebum from being stimulated and unable to calm down and promote the oil.

3, use cool and incomparable maintenance products, can solve the redness and itching of the scalp.

The hair stylist commented that the scalp that is sick because of sensitivity needs to be gradually relieved to regain health.


Some of the products that appeal to the addition of mint and other formulas are very cool to use, and can overwhelm the itching discomfort, so people have a illusion of a moment. In fact, the causes behind scalp sensitivity are complex, some due to excessive oil, clogging hair follicles, and even acne; some because the scalp is too dry, resulting in wet

Rash, easy to itch; or improper chemical dyeing effects... It’s just that the moment is cool, but it may be sensitive to excessive sensitivity.
When the scalp is sick, it is best to consult a professional dermatologist before you want to improve your condition. It is the cure for the scalp to maintain a healthy state.

4, because of fear of baldness, actively seek out the remedies that claim to save the hair.
The hair stylist commented that salon maintenance can strengthen the health of newborn hair, and only physicians can formulate therapeutic formulas.
Both men and women are afraid of the appearance of baldness, such as folk remedies such as using ginger to rub the scalp and stimulating growth, which may be the accomplice to the increase in hair loss. The hair stylist reminded that the salon's hair loss maintenance is aimed at helping the silk that has not yet grown, preventing malnutrition, and being able to become thicker and stronger.

For hair follicles that have been severely atrophied, or caused by excessive male hormones, it is still necessary to improve by treating or eating therapeutic drugs prescribed by professional physicians.

5, do not shampoo 3 days after dyeing the hair, to avoid fading.
The human hair wigs stylist commented that the shampoo is not directly related to the fade, and the defense is the focus.


Many hair stylists are laughing, this is really the most misconception that consumers have to pass on the rumors. After dyeing, they must let the scalp hair rest, balance the oil and water, but it will not be fading. Hair dyeing is an artificial addition of color, especially at the beginning of the pigmentation, the first wash

Of course, there will be normal color loss in the head. Even if you don’t wash your hair, it’s just a hair dryer. Even if you just walk out to the sun, blow the wind, pull the hair, it will fade. It is not obvious to wash a few times.

The most attention should be paid within 10 days after dyeing, to avoid excessive exposure to the sun by the beach (ultraviolet rays, sea water will accelerate oxidation and fading), and to the swimming pool (chlorine in the pool water will also destroy the color structure). If you want to play with water after dyeing, also wear hair care products as much as possible to wear a swimming cap and do defense.

6, before the hair dyed deliberately deep shampoo.

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