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How do long hair styles create a hundred deformations?

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How do long hair styles create a hundred deformations?

Many girls like to have long hair, long human hair extensions fluttering from the scene, but if it is only black straight long hair and it seems monotonous, have you ever thought about long hair can also make your image change? Then let Song Song teach you to use the long hair style to create a hundred deformations, there will be a new image that makes you and others shine.

Long hair style one:

bangs plays the role of modifying the face shape, while the tail of the broken cut is simple and fashionable.

Long hair style two:

bangs highlights the small face, and the stylish linen dyeing can highlight the white skin.

Long hair style three:

This wavy curly hair, long hair naturally hangs on both sides of the shoulder, giving a sense of femininity.

Long hair style four:

The thin bangs play a very good role in dressing, while the fluffy long hair style is fashionable and energetic.

Long hair style five:

The slanting bangs play a role in refining the face, while the fluffy blond hair looks elegant.

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