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· Short hair

Short hair and hair style

What hairstyles are popular in 2018? This short hair in Korean style is very fashionable regardless of hair style or hair color. In the mid-point, there is no bangs styling to create a more aesthetically pleasing three-dimensional beauty. Naturally, you can wear a thin face. The hair ends are slightly added with a little outer skin care. The color of the gray hair is very cute and cute. .

Short hair blond hair

Among the popular Korean hairstyles, this short hair style and hair color are very fashionable. The short and medium halo hair extensions is naturally straight and smooth, and it is matched with Qi Liuhai to play with the wind. It is very good for modifying the type effect. With the golden hair color, the whole shape is more fashionable, the short and medium hair is good-looking, the hair color is bright and eye-catching, and it is worthy of a hair color.

Korean short hair style

Korean style hair styles are more fashionable than fashion, and the girls are favored by the sweetness. I think this Korean short hair style is a good example. The fashionable golden brown hair color makes the whole shape simple and fashionable, and at the same time, it is very white and good. The eight-character bangs on the forehead is very young and age-reducing, creating a sweeter temperament.

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Partial short hair style

It's not just the medium-distributed type that can create the goddess temperament. Like this short-sleeved design, it is also very fashionable and the goddess of the royal sister. The straightforward development of the short-term development shows a healthy sense of care, and at the same time, it has the effect of slender neck and face, and the hair design is biased to create an asymmetrical aesthetic. At the same time, it will charm the sorrowful and light-sister paper. Show it all.

Air bangs short hair

Sweet and versatile air bangs with short and medium hair is also sweet enough. Light brown hair has always been classic and unbeaten. It is a lush hair extensions color that is especially suitable for summer hair dyeing. It is very fashionable to match it with short and medium hair. The color is fresh and eye-catching, and with the outer roll design added to the tail, it is more playful and fashionable.

Short and straight hair style

You can enjoy this short and straight hair style with a clean and sleek look. The natural straight hair is a feminine style in the workplace, and the medium-distribution type with a temperament is more effective. The medium and short hair creates a mid-point design. The front of the forehead does not use the bangs to retouch the sense of refreshment. It is a refreshing medium and short hair style worthy of the summer.

Short curly hair style

The short and long curly hair style is favored in the 2018 popular hair style! In this short hair curling style, the hair is divided into the design, the short hair is in the neck part, the hair tail is made into a fluffy curl and the face is petite, so that one side will be The hair lingers to the back of the ear to show that the side is perfect, black hair and brown hair color create a gradual beauty, it is a fashion trend

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