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Precautions for using conditioner

Hair conditioners are just like skin care products, but they are not used to maintain the skin, but to moisturize the hair. There are precautions for the use of skin care products, so is there any precautions for using conditioners? Use the four points of the conditioner to see it together.

How to care for hair Precautions for using conditioners What should I pay attention to with conditioner?

There are many common clip in hair extensions care products, and conditioner is one of them. Only when the conditioner is used properly can your hair be healthy. So, what should we pay attention to when using conditioner?

Hair conditioner is not staying as long as possible

Regarding the use of conditioners, many people think that the longer the conditioner stays, the better the moisturization of the hair. In fact, it is wrong to think so. Experts tell us that hair conditioner can only replenish hair in a certain period of time. Once it exceeds the effective time, it can not nourish hair, and it is easy to make it snoring, causing dryness and splitting. The conditioner neutralizes the alkalinity of the shampoo, keeps the hair in a state of weak acidity, replenishes the hair, leaves the hair soft and smooth, and maintains a healthy glow. When used properly, it can also improve blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the dermal papilla and hair cells. However, the actual condition of the hair varies from person to person, and the conditioner does not have the same effect for everyone.

Proper use of conditioner

The conditioner is to tighten the scales, because the hair will not be easily damaged after tightening. The use of conditioner does not require the distribution of quality, all hairs need the same conditioner, but the correct method of using conditioner has a lot to do with the effect after use.

Use after shampooing on hair 5-8 cm from the scalp. Do not rub the hair extensions roots. Generally, gently rub for 1-3 minutes, rinse off with water. If you want to make the effect more obvious, try wrapping the wrap on the hair with the conditioner to make it nourish. The effect is softer and smoother than the former.

Do not apply conditioner to the hair roots

When using conditioner, apply the conditioner evenly on the hair, focus on the hair tail, do not apply the root of the hair, otherwise it will strengthen the secretion of the scalp oil, causing the hair to look very oily quickly, then gently Massage the hair for 1 minute, then rinse with warm water. It is best to leave the conditioner on the hair for 5 minutes after the massage, which will allow the hair to fully absorb the nutrients of the conditioner. This is also a good skill.

Change the conditioner brand frequently

Just like we have to change shampoo frequently. A brand of conditioner is mostly close and single in composition and formula. Therefore, it is best to use a conditioner to change the brand, or a different series. It should be used for about 3 months, and other brands or other hair conditioners should be replaced. When using conditioner, the correct method is to comb the hair thoroughly with a comb to distribute the conditioner evenly and smoothly. If it is an instant conditioner, use a towel to absorb the dry hair on the hair before use. Water, when there is too much water in the hair, the conditioner can not be absorbed effectively.

Different types of conditioners have different hair care effects. Before using conditioner, you need to find the conditioner that suits you best. Seriously study the use of hair conditioner to get the ideal hair care and hair growth effect.

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