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Take care of fashion hairstyles and keep in mind 4 tips

· fashion hairstyles

Preparation before hair is very important

Take care of fashion hairstyles and keep in mind 4 tips

1. First comb the knotted hair with a comb, then evenly spray a small amount of hair moisturizing spray.

2. With the hand movement, evenly spray the hair moisturizing spray at the root.

3. Place all the hair on one side and comb all hair with a wide-toothed comb.

4. After the previous moisturizing spray and the styling product are completely dried, the hair styling process is carried out.

fashion hairstyles

Make the most of your gadgets

For girls with bangs, flat oil is a common problem, how to make the bangs maintain a perfect shape without deformation. You can use the warm baby for winter heating to help return to the effect of fluffy micro-volume.


1. Combine the bangs with the comb first.

2. Open the warm baby, roll it up, use the magic hair curler concept, wrap the bangs hair on the curly warm baby, hold it tightly for two minutes.

3. After loosening, you can use the hair comb to perform secondary combing to make the air micro-rolling state more durable.

Rational use of shaped products

First bow down to ensure that all the hair is facing down, then turn the head back, comb the clip in hair extensions bar surface, you can make the hair instantly fluffy three-dimensional, full of air and then remain supple. In addition, do not apply the styling products, especially the powder and spray products, directly to the hair, put them on the hair comb first, and let the styling products evenly cover each hair by combing the hair.

Use hair oil before washing your hair

How to make the hair not dry and split the hair to dissipate static electricity, apply proper amount of hair oil evenly to the hair to the hair part before washing the hair, apply it from top to bottom along the growth direction of the scales, and then carry out daily cleaning care. Steps will achieve a better hair texture.

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