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The most popular flower head hair style

· long hair

In the hot summer, many MMs can't wait to cut long hair into a variety of heat, but the elegant hair is a beautiful decoration, cut off this long hair distressed, not cut off and very hot, how is it is good? Xiaobian is a trick for you: Why do you put a long hair into a flower head? The flower head is both stylish and refreshing. The following is the latest hair style of the flower head, only for MM reference.

long hair

The simple and generous flower heads are sleek, and the slanting bangs are matched with the temperament of the slim black dress ladies.

long hair

Korean-style flower hair style, no bangs exposed forehead, very refreshing and sweet, light makeup is more fresh and charming.

long hair

The low-flowered head of the lady's department is simple and simple, naturally cute, and the bangs with oblique points are more gentle and ladylike.

long hair

The low-lying side of the flower buds and the long bangs of the slanting branch are very well-modified with a burgundy hair color, which highlights the girl's elegant temperament.

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